viernes, 20 de abril de 2007

my diet

February, 7

English II

Name: Mariana, Sariego

Teacher: Doris

Write a short paragraph describing your diet

I love eating chiken, pasta, hamburguers, candies, fruits, I eat chicken and rice a lot, chesse, fruits, cereal. I love eating hamburguers because it`s delicious. I don`t like broccoli because it tastes bad. I think I have a healthy diet but I need to

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007


Today is 12th, April, 2007

University: “Rafael Belloso Chacin”

Name: Mariana Sariego

Johan Santana

March 13, 1979: April 3,2000 : 2004 – 2006:

Johan Santana was born Santana made his Mayor league He is a 2-time

March 13, 1979 in Tovar, debut with the Twins. American League

Merida State, Venezuela. Cy Young Award Winner.

2004: 2005:

Santana set a team record Santana struggled in his first outing of 2005,

With 265 strikeouts, surpassing the old giving up four rouns in the inning.

258 mark registered by Bert Blyleven

in 1973.

2005 2006 2006

In his second game, he rocked the Santana won the pitching He is the first pitcher

Chicago White Sox with Triple crown for the whole to win the Triple

11 strikeouts as the Twins Mayors. crown with fewer

rolled to a 5-2 win. Than 20 wins.


Santana won his second Cy Young Award in 2006,

becoming the 14th player in MLB history to winthe award multiple times.


He is the fifth pitcher to win the award by a unanimous vote twice,joining Roger Clemens, Pedro Martínez, and Greg Maddux; Sandy Koufax.

2006: From 2004-2006, Santana has led the league in strikeouts all three years, in ERAtwice.


Today is 12th, April, 2007

University :” Rafael Belloso Chacin”

Name: Mariana Sariego

My Biography


I was born in 1989

In Maracaibo, Zulia state.


My baptismin 1991


I went to Baralt theather
Because I participating in an
drama in 1988


My first communion In July,16th ,2000

I won an medal of first place
in an Karate championsship In December,2002

I went to Colombia

when I met the singer:
Jorge Celedon in his Concert in 2002

2004:I met the Major League Baeball Johan Santana In 2004

I exposed my thesis in the high school in March,28,2006


I graduated from high
school in July,28,2006


Teacher: Doris
Group: Alvarez, Lorena: Doctor (Gynecologist).
Ramírez, Yuganis: Marlyn´s friend.
Sariego, Mariana: Receptionist.
Semprum, Marlyn: Patient (pregnant woman).

Marlyn: Good afternoon, I have an appointment with the ginecologist Lorena, today and
I am the patient Marlyn.

Mariana: Ok, wait, Hill tell the doctor you are here.

Mariana: Doctor, the patient Marlyn is already here.

Dr (Gynecologist)Lorena: Ok, she can enter.

Yuganys: Relax Marlyn, the doctor have been warned.

Marlyn: I am nervous.

Yuganys: Relax, I am with you.

Mariana: You can come in.

Yuganys: Can I enter with the patient?

Mariana: Of course.

Yuganys: Thanks.

Mariana: You are welcome.

Yuganys y Marlyn: Good afternoon, doctor.

Dr (Gynecologist) Lorena: Good afternoon, how are you? How do you feel Marlyn?

Marlyn: I feel good, sometimes I feel nauseous and fatigue, as usual.

Dr (Gynecologist) Lorena: Ok, In this months is important that you take folic acid and maternal vip, so I wil prescribe it.

Marlyn: Ok, thank you very much, doctor.

Dr (Gynecologist) Lorena: You are welcome, It`s my work.

Yuganys: I hope you have a nice day, Doctor.

Dr (Gynecologist) Lorena: The same to you.

martes, 17 de abril de 2007

what`s the matter?

March, 16th 2007
University: “ Rafael Belloso Chacin”
English II
Name: Mariana, Sariego
Teacher: Doris


When I have headache I take Iboprofen; When I have stomachache I take Buscapina (two pills); When I have toothache I take two pills of Amoxicilina; When I have fever I take tachipirin; When I have a cough I take perebron; When I have a sore throat I take Amoxicilina for all week.

happy birthday

February, 23th 2007
University: “ Rafael Belloso Chacin”
English II
Name: Mariana, Sariego
Teacher: Doris

My name is Mariana: my favorite month of the year is November, because it`s my birthday and my favourite day of the week is Friday because I`m going to the party; my birthday is on November 28th; I was born on November 28th, 1989 and my favorite celebration is Carnival because it`s play volleyball in the beach; I usually I`m going to the beach and this year, I visit my grandmother in Colombia


University: “ Rafael Belloso Chacin”
English II
Name: Mariana, Sariego
Teacher: Doris



The Carnival it`s festivity that is celebrated from February, 21st and lasts to the February 22nd, in this festivity people don’t eating meat and this fistvity the people usually going to the beach, play with water ballons and wear a costume; in this festivity I`m going to the beach with my family and the people usually buys costumes, ballons, bath suit and this festivity the salesmen make much money